The Life Cycle


Posted by pbakes | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on August 5, 2013

I lived with my family
all bunched in the cold,
till one fateful day
I was dragged from the fold

The claw reached in
and took me away
despite my pleading
and begging to stay

I fell into darkness
as thick as black ink;
what was at the bottom
I dreaded to think

I was tossed and thrown
all the way down,
out through the opening
before hitting the ground

When an arm came towards me
and forced me to jump –
leading me to torture
and an end at the dump

He ripped at my head
and started to sip
using tongue and teeth
and his cold bottom lip

As he siphoned away
the fluid in me
I thought of my life –
I wished I was free

Then he squashed me
without care for my tin
went for the long shot
I flew to the bin

Now I’m happy again
I’m back with my folk
I’ve been recreated
as a new can of Coke.

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