The White Rose movement

View the following photographs. What do you observe in them? What questions arise in your mind as you view them?

Having now thought about these photographs please view the following video. It has a sound track of a song called Eidelweiss. You might find this Wikipedia explanation useful:




If you want to read more about the White Rose movement go to this website:


The link to the novel The Wave arises by asking two questions:

“Should people speak up when they see injustice?”

“Should they speak up even if it endangers their life? ”

Refer also to this link Pakistani girl shot

Who in the novel is like Sophie School and what did they observe that was wrong?

A written opinion to be placed on your English blog is below.

Make a post on the topic of “The White Rose Movement” Briefly describe what the White Rose Movement was about. If you had lived then, would you have been like the members of this movement or like the rest of the German people who kept quiet. Explain your answer. Do you think Christians have a responsibility to speak out the truth about things even if they might be killed for it? (Remember that Sophie and Hans e.g were Catholics and this motivated them to speak up and act)

This is an opinion piece with a minimum of 400 words

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