filmic language


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pick a face to do an extreme close up on then imagine slowly zooming out.

What changing ideas might a movie audience get as this camera action occurs

Watch the short film entitled validation

1. What meanings can the word validation have?
2. How is the idea of validation established in the film?
3. Why do you think there are so many closeups in the film?
4. Why do you think the film was shot in black and white?
5. How is music used to convey mood and character?
6. Why is Victoria important in Hugh’s journey?
7. How is Hugh’s declining mood shown?
8. What do we learn about Hugh through his last line?
9. What do you think is the intended message of the film?

Questions from page 104-105 Insight English Skills 9 Sue Sherman Insight publications, Melbourne, 2011

Why is the film entitled validation and who needed validation? Is the story really more about Hugh than anyone else?

what techniques does the director use to show the passage of time
Why is it called perfection?
what is the film suggesting to us?

the most beautiful thing

what techniques does the director use to establish the main character’s loneliness in the opening scenes?


what is the director wanting to establish in our minds – what cinematic techniques are used to do this?

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