Jealousy by Carissa Marley


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Jealously by Carissa Marley

Jealousy is a monster
Creeping up from behind.
It slides its way into us
And tries to make us blind.

A writhing, wriggling snake,
It wraps around our heart.
We want to try and stop it,
But don’t know where to start.

Jealousy is a feeling
We all get deep inside
When someone else achieves that dream
We wanted all the time.

It drowns out all the good things –
Our life crashes to the floor.
We start to do and say things
We never would before.

But slowly we defeat it,
Despite the lengthy haul.
Although it’s slow and painful,
We finally let it fall.

Jealousy is a monster,
But when finally put to rest
It teaches us the truth that
We won’t always be the best.

1. In this poem the poet has used the concept of jealousy as the ‘green eyed monster’ and extends it in a series of metaphors. Identify the metaphor in stanza one of the poem.
Show how the poet develops the metaphor in the stanza. Does the word “blind” indicate (a) a physical state (b) a mental state?

2. What is the metaphor in stanza two of the poem? What does jealousy do to the human heart?

3. Why do we envy other people?

4. What effect does jealousy have on our thoughts and actions?

5. Identify the lines which reveal that man can overcome jealousy.

6. Why, do you think, the poet uses the pronouns ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’?

7. What is the mood of the poem? How does the rhythm of the poem help to lift the mood?

8. What is the message the poet wishes to convey?

9. Identify all the examples of alliteration in the poem.

10. Underline every line that expresses something that couldn’t literally be true.

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