Performance poetry

By the end of Year 10, students evaluate how text structures can be used in innovative ways by different authors. They explain how the choice of language features, images and vocabulary contributes to the development of individual style

1. Refine vocabulary choices to discriminate between shades of meaning, with deliberate attention to the effect on audiences (ACELA1571)

2. Compare and evaluate how ‘voice’ as a literary device can be used in a range of different types of texts such as poetry to evoke particular emotional responses (ACELT1643)

ACTIVITY: writing and performing

The video clip below features Cameron performing his poem Zach, based on the story of Zaccheus in the Bible.
This task helps develops the two ACARA elaborations (criteria) described above.
The task requires you to use Zach as a model to write your own poem based on a well-known Bible story or another very well known story and write it in a poetic form using 1 letter of the alphabet predominantly.
You need to choose words that not only fit the theme but also will have an effect – often humorous – on your audience. The poem is to be spoken (performed) not read to the rest of the class.
You do have a paper version of Zach plus two other examples of his poetry to read as a model.

Fruit 35

O Melanie Berry
I had my eyes peeled for you
and my search for you was fruitful;
for you are my apple
and I pine apple.

You’re the apple of my eye;
the pumpkin of my pupil;
the raspberry of my retina;
the West Samoan banana passion fruit of my optic nerve
and life’s peachy when I’m with you!

When I saw you in the lime light,
you were a star fruit
and you gave me goose-berry-bumps all over!

O my peachy little pumpkin,
we make a pair!
But you say as a pair
we’re a lemon – a dud, a fizzer!
But I say that as a pair
we are a passionfruit –
rich, ripe and juicy!

I say “Woman, stay!”
But you say “Man, go!”
Look, I may not be rich rich,
but I’m also not poor poor!
If you leave me you’ll make me ‘ave a cardo!

O Melanie Berry,
may I call you Berry?
Without you my soul is black Berry,
and I’d be blue Berry!
I have a pistol strapped to my ankle –
if you don’t love me I’ll use my low gun Berry!
But death is the last straw Berry!

O Melanie, I wish we could just runaway
and get married… but we can’t elope!

O Melanie Berry you have appeal!
And it’s no quincedence I picked you –
you keep me regular!

Yet I know that we may never be together as one,
for you are a Chinese gooseberry
but I don’t speak Mandarin!

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