Novel chapter tasks

This assignment is to be presented in two ways.

1. When the task asks, post the answer on your blog and give it an appropriate title. There will be 13 posts overall
2. All non blog tasks are in a Google Doc shared with me entitled “The Wave chapter tasks.”

Assessment will be based on the following criteria which are contained in the rubric to be handed to you before we get underway.

Were your answers written in sentences and paragraphs as requested?
Was your grammar, punctuation and spelling accurate?
Did your answers reveal knowledge of the text?
Did your answers reveal understanding of the text?
Did your answers reveal critical thinking and analysis and use of the text as evidence

Task 1: Click on the web address above and read the document.

Task 2: Set up a Google Doc called “My chapter answers” and share it with me allowing me to comment only. All the work below is to be done according to the directions given to you.

Task 3: Make a post on the topic of “The White Rose Movement” Briefly describe what the White Rose Movement was about. If you had lived then, would you have been like the members of this movement or like the rest of the German people who kept quiet. Explain your answer. Do you think Christians have a responsibility to speak out the truth about things even if they might be killed for it? (Remember that Sophie and Hans e.g were Catholics and this motivated them to speak up and act)

Task 4: Read chapter 1. List the key characters and dot point three to four important things you know about each of them – e.g who are they, main relationship to other characters and their personality/character

Task 5: Read chapter 2 and complete the following activities in full sentences

* Why does Mr Ross want to show the film?
* What is the question Amy asks and how was she answered?
* In at least a paragraph explain what are your thoughts on the following statment: “All I can say is, I would never have let such a small minority of people rule the majority?” Post this answer on your blog

Task 6: Read chapter 3

Task 7: Read chapter 4.

At one point Ben’s wife wife Christy said “It was almost frightening the way he lost himself in each new adventure.” This is an example of a technique called foreshadowing where the author indicates something that might happen later in the narrative. Use this comment to write a 150 word description of Mr Ross in your Google Doc indicating what might happen in the story as a result of this character trait described by his wife Christy. Post this answer on your blog

Task 8: Read chapters 5 and 6 and complete the following tasks in full sentences

* What is the new motto?
* What new definition of success could be given?
* List the three new rules.
* What suggestion did David make to improve the class time for returning to their seats?
* What did laurie do wrong when she answered the question?
* Christy Ross is startled by something the class did. What is it
* Christy Ross says Ben had created a monster. Is this a fair comment – why/why not?
* What is a wave according to Mr Ross?
* David knew what Mr Ross was saying – how could he apply it to the football team?
* What is the salute the class learned?
* Why does the Wave move outside of the classroom?

Task 9: Read chapter 7 which contains the reactions of a few people to the Wave.

Choose one comment made by a character in this chapter that you think is interesting or important and explain in around 150 words or more why you chose it. Post this on your blog. NOTE – you WILL be required to talk about this in class.

Task 10: Read chapters 8 and 9.

* Make a list of the good things about the Wave and the negative things about the Wave.

* What do the words brainwashing, manipulation and indoctrination mean and do you think Mr Ross is guilty of this? Please justify your answer in around 150 words Post this on your blog
* On your blog write a post about an idea in chapters 8 and 9 you thought was signficant with reasons why and some supporting quots. Read my post from May 28, 2013, for an example.

Task 11: Read chapter 10. Answer in full sentences

* What is Principal Owen’s main fear about the Wave?
* Why does he allow Ben to continue?

Task 12: Read chapter 11. Answer in full sentences

* Why did Robert want to be Ben’s bodyguard?
* Why did Mr Ross allow Robert to be his bodyguard?
* What do you think is beginning to happen to the Wave?

* After reading chapter 11 write a 200 word or more piece on Robert Billings trying to describe him and what has happened to him and post it on your blog

Task 13: Read chapters 12 and 13. Answer in full sentences

* At one point, Carl says: “Looks like I’ve stumbled into Anne Frank’s attic.” Who was Anne Frank and what did he mean? Hint – ‘Google it’
* Having read the story so far, why should we not be surprised that a boy has been beaten up apparently for being critical of the Wave? (Hint- this is about the technique of foreshadowing where hints are given of possible things to occur later on).
* Is everybody in the Wave for the same reasons? Give some examples of people’s different motives

* At the end of Chapter 13, Laurie writes an editorial on the Wave. “She condemned The Wave as a dangerous and mindless movement that suppressed freedom of speech and thought and ran against everything the country was founded on.” Is she correct – post your thoughts about her comments on your blog. Length should be at least 200 words

Task 14: Read Chapters 14 and 15. Answer in full sentences

* What evidence can you find that The wave had got out of control, beyond what Mr Ross imagined.
* What are David’s views on The Wave? Why is he a successful member of any organisation?
* What is the function of chapter 15 and how is Mr Ross changing?

Task 15: Read chapters 16 and 17. Answer in full sentences

* What happens to Mr Ross in chapter 16 and what does he do?
* How do David and Laurie feel and what is their role in chapter 16?
* Why does Mr Ross show a picture of Hitler at the rally?
* Why does Mr Ross say it is good that David and Laurie did not believe him?

* What things stopped Mr Ross from taking the experiment further and what if he had been in a greater position of power? Post this answer on your blog
* Why did so many students take on the story of the Wave and why did they believe and accept it? Why was it so successful? Post this answer on your blog

Task 16 – final blog posts after viewing the movie

* Post a comment comparing the two versions of the story – film and novel. Which did you prefer and which one do you think told the story more effectively? minimum 200 words

* Write a post convincing your reader either that the novel ‘The Wave’ is a book that should be used again in this school or that it is not appropriate to be studied in a Christian school

* Read the article at this linkpakistani girl and Koran After reading the article post a comment on your blog describing the links you see with the movement Mr Ross created.

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