Novel assignment tasks

This assignment will help to assess your understanding of the text and give you some choices in what to present.

Assessment on these tasks will be based on the following criteria:

Were your answers written in sentences and paragraphs as requested?
Was your grammar, punctuation and spelling accurate?
Were your answers appropriately presented in the requested forms
Were your answers below or above the recommended length
Did your answers reveal knowledge of the text?
Did your answers reveal understanding of the text?
Did your answers reveal critical thinking and analysis?
Did your answers reveal creativity

Task 1:

Choose either option 1 or option 2 – do not do both

Option 1: Set up a Google Doc called “The Wave Character Study”. Share it with me enabling me to comment please.

Choose 1 of the following characters: Robert Billings, David Collins, Ben Ross, Brian, Eric, Christy Ross, Principal Owens, Laurie Saunders and Amy Smith

Write around 500 words explaining what you have learnt about them and how they were changed and impacted by the Wave. To assist you, try and think about these questions

. what does the author tell us about them?
. what do they reveal about themselves by what they think, say and do?
. what do others think of them and their relationships?
. how do they change and develop from teh beginning to the end of the novel
. choose an important quote spoken by the character and explain what it reveals about them

Option 2: Set up a Google Doc entitled The Wave – Mood study. Share it with me enabling me to comment please

The emotional mood or atmosphere evoked by a written work is created from the use of word pictures that create an atmosphere of suspense, joy, fear, tension, sadness etc. Choose either a chapter or an event in the novel and write around 500 words about the mood created by the author. Try and explain how this mood is created (what sots of events, words and images created the mood) and try also to describe the effect it has on the characters.

Task 2:

Themes – a group and an individual task

There are many themes in this novel such as power, indoctrination, individual rights, critical thinking, peer pressure, fear, acceptance. In groups choose one of the following themes to discuss. Use evidence from the novel to show that you understand what is meant by the theme and how the author presents it. Please use quotes and examples from the text. We will share these thoughts in a class discussion

a) We must learn to question and think for ourselves. What evidence is there in the novel that most of the class did not think for themselves. What is the danger of not having the ability to look at everything with a critical mindset? OR

b) The rights of a group versus the rights of an individual. Just because something is popular does not mean it is right. Explain this in relation to the text. OR

c) Power corrupts. How is this true in The Wave? OR

d) Ben Ross found himself enjoying aspects of ‘The Wave’. Explain why this enjoyment is ‘corrupting’ him as a teacher. OR

e) “Do not sit smugly thinking it can never happen again”. What nearly happened again? What was the process of it happening again? Why did it almost happen again? What part of human nature allows it to happen again?

Then complete this task as an individual

There are three important themes in the novels. These are the nature and effect of power, the danger of non-critical thinking and the rights of an individual versus the rights of a group.

I want you to imagine you are Laurie and you have been asked to speak at your Gordon High School assembly not long after the final Wave rally.

You have decided that you are going to speak on one of the following topics:

a) We must learn to question and think for ourselves.
b) The rights of a group versus the rights of an individual. Just because something is popular does not mean it is right.
c) Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We must have ways to limit the power of groups and individuals.

Your aim in the speech is to get people thinking and to warn them of the dangers of movements like the wave taking over us.
Your speech needs to go for at least two minutes so read over the text that you submit to me – it should take 2 minutes to read.
You might like to include relevant pictures to be displayed on a screen or even a relevant piece of music BUT you are being assessed on at least 2 minutes of spoken text.

Submit a typed text of the speech you would give if you were Laurie. Google Docs preferred and share it with me allowing me to comment please.

Assessment guide
1. It needs to sound like Laurie – you could use comments she made in the novel or things her mother said or events that happened to her.
2. It needs to sound as if she is speaking to students in her school
3. It needs to last for at least two minutes – anything shorter will struggle to pass
4. Extra marks could be gained by including other examples that illustrate your topic other than what happened with the wave
5. Best marks will be gained by making it clear in your speech that you have understood how your thematic topic relates to the novel we have read.

Task 3:

Formal writing. Choose one of the options below

Produce this in a typed word document with a cover page and 1.5 line spacing please. Make sure you use appropriate essay writing conventions: formal writing, no titles, paragraphs, no contractions, introduction and conclusion and quotes. (I will be giving a briefing on how to write an essay.)

Option 1:

Write an essay in response to this question

Examine how one character responds to the ‘Wave’ or compare how two characters respond to the ‘Wave’. Discuss how they deal with the discrimination brought about by the ‘wave’. Explain what their impact or influence was on the ‘Wave’. (Length 1200 words)

Note that ‘discuss’ means to give reasons for and against, to examine the implications, to investigate, sift and debate and ‘examine’ means to inspect in detail and to investigate thoroughly

Option 2:

Write an essay in response to this question

It is claimed that President John F Kennedy once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Please explain what you think President Kennedy was saying and how accurate is this in the context of the story you have read. (Length 800 words)

Option 3

Ron Jones the original teacher once addressed a rally in Nuremberg warning them of the destructive nature that is rooted in the pressure to belong or conform. To what extent do you agree with him and how is this pressure portrayed and shown in the novel. (Length 800 words)

Option 4

What is one theme/lesson/message you can learn about life from this book? Explain your answer (length 400-600 words)

Task 4

Creative tasks. Chooose 1 of the following tasks

Option 1: Produce ‘the wave’ promotional pamphlet to be given out at a rally. It could include: beliefs, slogan, insignia, an outline of action, membership application.

Option 2: Write two letters to the school principal. One is from Robert’s parents praising the wave and the change in Robert’s behaviour. The other is from Laurie’s parents expressing concern over the movement.

Option 3: Write the article that appeared in “The Grapevine” after the final ‘Wave’ rally. (Length – 500 or more words)

Option 4: Write a diary entry from the point of view of someone who attended the final rally. It might be one of the key characters or it could be a general student. Try and describe their feelings. (Length – 500 or more words)

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