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Grade 9 English in 2013 is using the new ACARA English curriculum for Grade 9 students in Australia.

Requirements for Grade 9 English – for every lesson

1. Laptop with dictionary/thesaurus bookmarked – charged and ready for every lesson
2. Laptop with www.vocabulary.com www.betterspellers.blogspot.com.au and http://pbakesenglish.edublogs.org bookmarked
3. 1 current reading book/magazine
4. 1 exercise book covered and named
5. 1 document wallet to store printed handouts and assignments
6. 1 Google document called “Spelling and Vocabulary” shared with me
7. 1 Google document called “reading journal” shared with me

Note there are three strands to our English course based on the Australian curriculum

1. Language
2. Literature
3. Literacy

Year overview

Term 1:
Our changing language, persuasive writing, feature articles, spelling and vocabulary, private reading

Term 2:
NAPLAN, Power and Conflict (The Wave), spelling and vocabulary

Term 3:
Indigenous poetry with a focus on Kath Walker, spelling and vocabulary, private reading

Term 4:
Exam, Indigenous and Asian short stories and extracts, spelling and vocabulary

1. Homework is an essential thing to talk about – sometimes it will be preparation for class, some of it will be ongoing expected work and some of it will be after class work.
Whichever it is, there is no excuse for not doing homework.
2. Effort and application in class and allowing other people to work
3. Completing and handing in assignments on time – occasionally house points will be allocated for those who get work in on time – you won’t know when.
4. We will have a spelling and vocabulary focus and will test words each week. They will be related to the ideas we are examining

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